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Our Passion & Purpose is to produce meals of the highest quality to show the people receiving them how much we care.

Andrew Costa & Martin Rowan



Bay Leaf Community Kitchen is a not-for-profit, local charity establishing a new outlet for food relief in Geelong. We believe that love and emotions are transferred through food, inspiring us to deliver meals reflecting how highly we view our vulnerable recipients. Our innovative concept is to provide hot, nutritious meals for people in need, via a drive-thru service, allowing them to eat together at home as a family. It’s not so much fulfilling the hunger as much as it is demonstrating their value in the community by the quality of the meal and the way we respect them and their situation.


The anonymity and convenience of a drive-thru allows service to all groups of people without the stigma of attending a meal program. Food insecurity affects many families and individuals from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. The situations which cause this are as diverse as the people affected. Some find themselves temporarily unable to cater for themselves and loved ones, whilst others lack the ability to provide adequately, altogether. Families, individuals, carers and organisations can all access the service to provide a ready-to-eat, nutritious meal.


Doctors and hospital staff may identify patients who can’t access nutritional food and refer them to our service who then collect from the drive-thru outlet. A meal would ensure a faster recovery with much less worry about food availability and preparation. Organisations such as St. Vincent de Paul are already supporting individuals and families by providing nutritious ingredients or food vouchers, however this doesn’t always lead to nutritious meals being provided. Rather these organisations could use our service guaranteeing that the recipients receive quality meals as needed.


A dedicated team of local, community minded people are committed to the vision of this project. This is feedback from our recent trial.

It is such a nice thing you guys are doing to help struggling families like mine and we do appreciate it a lot.

Looking forward to dinner. My favourite time of the week.

Thank you for your services. The meals have been great. My family is so happy.


Address: 24 Moorabool St, Geelong, 3220

ABN: 67927922691

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