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Covid-19 brought many uncertainties to Victorians and for many in Geelong the loss of income, isolation and worsening health combined to create family crisis. Recognising the increasing need, Bay Leaf Community Kitchen responded by implementing an interim food relief program for distressed families whilst we continued to plan and prepare to build our drive-thru facility. We purchased a food trailer which we towed on site weekly to connect with families and deliver comprehensive food hampers.

Understanding the need for community connection and the transmission of love we prepared the food hampers onsite, with fresh meals, fresh produce, and pantry items. When families came through we spent quality time talking about their situation, comforting them through their difficulty and recommending ways to make improvements and positive change even amidst the struggle of homeschooling, financial hardship and often heath crisis.

The food trailer was purchased with a generous donation from Mrs Elaine Costa, without which our contactless delivery of meals would not have been possible and would not have had the added benefits which giving time for relationship building brings.

We received very positive and valuable feedback from the families helped across the year with food hampers. 

The generous work of volunteers each week made the preparation and delivery of the food hampers possible and we are very grateful for their time and compassion. The rapport developed between the families and our volunteers is what lifts our service above being just a food relief agency to being a service which elevates, encourages, inspires and loves all those we work with. How do you measure the joy and relief, the comfort and stability that those relationships and a basket of delicious food brings into a home?

Through this project, we delivered approximately 400 food and meal hampers valued at up to $100 each. Each hamper included at least 2 restaurant quality family sized meals, ample fruit and vegetables, milk, eggs, bread, dessert and some other pantry items such as pasta, jam, muesli, cream and yoghurt.

Many of the meals were made with locally grown lamb generously donated by Vince and Claire Colla.


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