New Kitchen and Drive Thru Facility

Recognising the power of love to transform, we set about to deliver love on a plate. We knew this meant providing the best quality, nutritious meal we could. By giving the best we can, we show vulnerable people how much we care.

We want all families to know the happiness of shared mealtimes and to create positive memories for themselves. With our drive-thru meal program we can help them achieve this. We intend for families to drive through Bay Leaf and pick up a ready to eat meal to take home and share.

Across 2020 we have worked towards the design and building of this innovative drive-thru facility. It has been our biggest project and one which, though not complete, is very near to coming to fruition.

With the support of many Geelong businesses and local government we nearly have the documentation and processes in place to begin the construction phase of the project.

Money from the Geelong Community Foundation and The Anthony Costa Foundation will be used to prepare the site, and complete the construction.

We are looking forward to moving into the new facility in 2021.


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